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Why Light?

Because access to light changes everything.

1.2 Billion People in the world

lack access to reliable electricity

and the problem goes well beyond just having darker nights.


U-Light Supports Education-min.jpg

Children continue to drop

out of school at very young ages

because they can't cope with their homework or studies.

U-Light Supports Family Income-min.jpg

Hours of valuable

productivity & potential income

are lost every single day.

U-Light Supports Health-min.jpg

...and toxic fumes from

kerosene lead to lung cancer 

contributing to at least 4,000,000 premature deaths every year.

U-Light Unity-min.jpg

but together we can

put an end to this.

Every light we turn on changes everything.


...because with

each U-Light box:

3+ Children stay in school

180 Hours restored per month

5 Premature Deaths prevented per year

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